Historic Buildings. New Communities

Intrinsic Ventures and its affiliate companies acquire and develop commercial real estate in transit-oriented, urban areas, and endeavor to create public benefits in unique locations. With multiple established assets in operation on the San Francisco peninsula and in Portland, Intrinsic seeks out opportunities in land constrained, urban areas and repurposes existing buildings to increase their intrinsic value based on the benefits of their location, history, original bones and potential for renovation. Our efforts contribute to the revitalization of urban areas, neighborhoods and sustainable community buildings located in areas where public, bike and pedestrian transportation is frequent and widely available. Find out more about our Philosophy and how we make a difference.

in·trin·sic /inˈtrinzik/: adj.
a : belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing <the intrinsic worth of a gem> <the intrinsic brightness of a star>
b : being or relating to a semiconductor in which the concentration of charge carriers is characteristic of the material itself instead of the content of any impurities it contains