The FORD DISTRICT is where makers create and entrepreneurs set up shop. Here the infrastructure of yesterday and the technology of today produce the ideal conditions for tomorrow’s innovation. The FORD DISTRICT is a place where photographers and artisan food makers bump elbows with web designers and light manufacturers. 

The FORD DISTRICT began with Intrinsic Venture's adaptive reuse of the historic Ford Building. Recognizing the building's suitability for creative users, Intrinsic Ventures demised the building for small users and gave them the flexibility to add space when their businesses required. With the addition of Ford Food + Drink and other retailers to the ground floor, Intrinsic activated a vibrant community within the building and at the street level.

With the Ford Building as a hub, Intrinsic and others have redeveloped surrounding buildings to serve creative users. This new district, The FORD DISTRICT, is quickly becoming a thriving hub of shops, restaurants, entrepreneurship, and the arts within a vibrant crossroads of a commercial district and the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood. We expect the momentum to grow with the pending opening of the OMSI and Clinton Max Stations and Tilikum Crossing, a pedestrian and public transportation bridge, linking The FORD DISTRICT to Portland's core.